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In Vermont, conservation commissions are advisory bodies that exist in many towns across the state. Broadly, they are established to help communities protect and enhance their natural resources.  The projects that a town conservation commission can become involved in will vary depending on the needs of the community.

Newbury’s Conservation Commission has been active for many years.  Members are appointed by the Select Board for three year terms.



Do you use Trails and Outdoor Recreation in Newbury?

 Please come to share, learn and meet other people in town who enjoy the outdoors to take part in a community conversation about current trails on:

Wednesday April 24th  6:30 – 8 P.M.
at Tenney Library in Newbury Village.

The Newbury Conservation Commission and Newbury Planning Board invite all citizens interested in improving and adding to our trail network to build an even healthier and stronger Newbury.

The primary goals of this meeting are to hear directly from you about our current trails and outdoor recreation opportunities. Together, we will ask and answer many questions   including:


We have invited the Upper Valley Trails Alliancewww.uvtrails.org  an organization with 20 years of experience with helping communities improve and protect their trails, to help us organize and facilitate our Newbury Trails Forum.

In this meeting, we want to share our collective knowledge about all of our public trails and trail users. Your input will also play an important role in the development of recreation opportunities through out Newbury and help with the Tucker Mountain Town Forest  Management Plan.

With a goal of meeting as many Newbury needs as possible, we would like representation from all trail supporters and user groups including: Landowners, Walkers, Hikers, Skiers, People with Disabilities, Equestrians, Road Cyclists, Mountain Bikers, Snowmobiles, ATV riders and other Trail Enthusiasts.

MICHAEL THOMAS  802-757-3960      mikethom1@charter.net

Volunteers Wanted!  NCC wants to add to our volunteer list.  If you would like to help out with events, trail work, fund-raising projects, tree planting, etc., let us know who you are!   If you are looking for projects for your church group, 4-H, Boys & Girl Scouts, service group, or school related community service, NCC can help you with project ideas that will benefit both your group and our community. NCC meets the second Tuesday of the month at the Baldwin Library in Wells River at 7:00pm. All Newbury residents are invited to attend, share, and learn.

Newbury Acquires Tucker Mountain as New Town Forest

December 13, 2018 – Last night the Town of Newbury completed the long-sought purchase of a 636-acre parcel that will be the new Tucker Mountain Town Forest. This purchase culminates a two-year effort, spearheaded by local citizens, the Newbury Conservation Commission and the Vermont Land Trust to secure iconic forestland in the Upper Valley area for the Town of Newbury. This purchase occurred more than a year after the townspeople of Newbury voted twice in favor of the purchase.

The Town of Newbury purchased the land from the Vermont Land Trust, who in early September bought it as two parcels: 142 acres from Ted and Deborah Leach; and 494 acres from Ted and his siblings Tina Clark, Suzanne Charity, Lucinda Leach, along with their late sister Robin’s children, Alexia Vondrak and Joshua Moody. The family sold the land to VLT for a total of $384,500, just over half of the appraised value.

“As far back as the 1940s, my parents, Phil and Ginny Leach enjoyed the distant views from atop Tucker Mountain,” said Tina Clark. “In the early ‘70s, much development was taking place in Vermont and Tucker Mountain was up for sale.  Phil and Ginny made the decision to purchase the land to protect it as open space. They have both since passed on, leaving Tucker Mountain to their children and grandchildren. We live far and wide, so we turned once again to VLT for guidance in further protecting the mountain we love.  Our family members are so very grateful to all those who have embraced the concept Tucker Mountain Town Forest, which is now a reality.”

Read more here:  The 636 acre Town Forest …

NCC Goals for 2019 –

  1. NCC GOALS FOR 2019  
    1. NCC will continue our public outreach by working with local educators at Newbury Elementary School and Blue Mt. Union. NCC will continue hosting educational workshops to increase community interest and involvement in local conservation efforts.
    2. NCC will work towards establishing a Town Forest & Conservation Fund. This fund could be used as a match for grants; for improvements for our trail networks; to help protect and preserve wildlife habitat and wetlands, working farm land, and historical sites; educational programs for our community and schools; and to support NCC members attending workshops etc.
    3. NCC will work toward improving our town forests by reviewing the forests management plans, and developing a town forest policy that balances conservation, recreation, public access, education, and good forestry stewardship.
    4. NCC will join Upper Valley Trails Alliance. This will help NCC promote the trails we work on and our events like Paddle the Boarder and Trails Day Work Day. This will also give NCC more opportunity to network with other Conservation Commissions and like minded groups and help NCC expand our volunteer networks.
    5. NCC will continue improving our Web-Site. By working with social media [ Web-Site and Face Book ] NCC will be able to reach out to residents and visitors to promote events, share pictures, stories, and adventures in Newbury. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved!