Welcome to the NCC website.

In Vermont, conservation commissions are advisory bodies that exist in many towns across the state. Broadly, they are established to help communities protect and enhance their natural resources.  The projects that a town conservation commission can become involved in will vary depending on the needs of the community.

Newbury’s Conservation Commission has been active for many years.  Members are appointed by the Select Board for three year terms.



Come to a meeting learn about our projects. Bring your ideas to the table.       NCC meets the second Tuesday of the month at the Baldwin Library in Wells River at 7:00pm. All Newbury residents are invited to attend, share, and learn.

Volunteers Wanted!  NCC wants to add to our volunteer list.  If you would like to help out with events, trail work, fund-raising projects, tree planting, etc., let us know who you are!   If you are looking for projects for your church group, 4-H, Boys & Girl Scouts, service group, or school related community service, NCC can help you with project ideas that will benefit both your group and our community. 

Our website: www.NewburyConservation.org.

Find us on Facebook under Newbury Conservation Commission

Contact Michael Thomas 802-757-3960 or mikethom1@charter.net

NCC Goals for 2020 –

  1. NCC will continue our public outreach by working with local educators at Newbury Elementary School and Blue Mt. Union. NCC will continue hosting educational workshops to increase community interest and involvement in local conservation efforts.
  2. NCC will work toward improving our town forests by reviewing the forests management plans, and developing a town forest policy that balances conservation, recreation, public access, education, and good forestry stewardship. In 2020 we will be looking at town owned property on Jefferson Hill, Rogers Hill, and the Old Ski Tow in West Newbury.
  3. NCC will continue to work with the Tucker Mt. Town Forest Management Committee – TMTFMC and offer support where we can as they move forward implementing the management plan, and work on projects in the field. NCC and TMTFMC have attended each others meeting and have gone to workshops together. This partnership is strong and growing, and we both look forward to a busy year to come.
  4. NCC will continue our work with Upper Valley Trails Alliance – UVTA. In 2020 we want to concentrate that effort in two areas:
  • work on trails from within Newbury that lead to Tucker Mt. Town forest and look at a potential trail from Tucker Mt. Town Forest to Wrights Mt. Town Forest in Bradford.
  • Work on establishing safe bicycling routes along select roads in Newbury.
  1. NCC will continue improving our Web-Site. By working with social media [ Web-Site and Face Book ] NCC will be able to reach out to residents and visitors to promote events, share pictures, stories, and adventures in Newbury. NCC is researching ways to opening our meeting through the use of video programs like Snap-chat or Skype [ and can use HELP!]

This is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved!