Welcome to the NCC website.

In Vermont, conservation commissions are advisory bodies that exist in many towns across the state. Broadly, they are established to help communities protect and enhance their natural resources.  The projects that a town conservation commission can become involved in will vary depending on the needs of the community.

Newbury’s Conservation Commission has been active for many years.  Members are appointed by the Select Board for three year terms.


It’s that time of year –

The time of year when the weather is perfect to get out and play in the woods or on the river.  Dust off your bike and your kayak or canoe!  Come to play, come to volunteer, come to have fun – and bring a friend!

Newbury Conservation Commission –  UPCOMING FALL EVENTS: 

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Please help up us spread the word by sharing this info with your network of friends and family.  We hope to see you participating in these fun-filled events.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Michael Thomas


NCC Goals for 2018 –

  1. NCC will be exploring grant opportunities and obtaining funding to promote and maintain town forest areas as well as other conservation efforts. NCC hopes to develop a Town Conservation Fund to support these projects.
  2. NCC will research and seek venues to increase community interest and involvement in local conservation efforts and environmental concerns, such as invasive plant species and pests.
  3. NCC is actively looking for ways to promote events, provide information, and share stories, pictures, and adventures in and around Newbury. All residents are encouraged to submit items of interest to NCC for posting on our social media sites.
  4. NCC is committed to providing family-friendly outdoor events, and will continue to work with our local schools and the public to host outdoor recreational activities, build and maintain our local trails network, and hosting educational seminars and events.
  5. NCC will be accepting applications for additional members to expand the Commission.